7 Simple methods to cease the odor!

7 Simple methods to cease the odor!

7 Simple methods to cease the odor!

Ever walked into your motorhome, camper or RV bathroom and been mortified by the horrible odor? It occurs to all van customers finally, ESPECIALLY when the climate warms up.

There’s a massive distinction between pondering to your self ‘I ought to in all probability give the motorhome a fast sweep up and tidy’ and questioning with embarrassment ‘WHY does my RV toilet stink so dangerous???!!!’

It’s time to speak loos. RV, Motorhome and camper loos, to be actual. And after I say toilet, everyone knows I principally imply the bathroom, proper? Yep, we’re going there, sewage smells and all. Put together yourselves…

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Why does my motorhome/ RV bathroom odor like a sewer?

Motorhome bathrooms work otherwise from ones in a house- and boy, don’t we all know it! The whole lot you place into the bathroom is stored in a holding tank, which then must be emptied afterward.

That is also referred to as the black water or black waste tank… even when it’s a brownish cartridge which you need to empty your self!

In ‘regular’ circumstances, motorhome loos shouldn’t have a horrible odour- they usually DEFINITELY shouldn’t odor like a sewer when flushed. 

Find out how to hold a camper bathroom from smelling

Camper and caravan loos odor for the next causes:

  • Want a very good clear
  • Clog/ blockage
  • Injury to the black waste tank
  • Leaking bathroom/ defective seal

The greatest trigger of bathroom odour in your camper is methane gasoline construct up- which is why it smells SO MUCH WORSE both at altitude or in scorching international locations. That is additionally why you don’t need your holding tank to dry out- extra on that later!

7 straightforward methods to make your RV bathroom odor superb!

So, let’s cease your camper bathroom smelling like sewage and eliminate these bathroom smells for you! Listed below are the 7 greatest methods we’ve discovered to minimise or cease motorhome bathroom stink!

Use a good product

It’s superb how straightforward that is to resolve you probably have a very good bathroom chemical. We now use a product known as Solbio organic toilet fluid, which is pure and doesn’t include dangerous chemicals- and it smells scrumptious (sure, severely!)

It’s additionally secure to be disposed of in septic tanks or fosse, that means we’ve extra choices to eliminate our bathroom responsibly.

Watch the evaluation of Solbio right here:

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Shut the bathroom flap securely

The primary is pretty self-explanatory: be sure you shut the flap between you and your holding tank after every use of the bathroom. You’ll actually remorse it should you don’t!

That is typically the largest reason behind RV loos smelling like a sewer- the methane gasoline leaks out of a hairline crack someplace and boy have you learnt it!

CLEAN REGULARLY to keep away from RV bathroom odors

I hate to say it, as a result of NO-ONE enjoys cleansing a rest room, nevertheless it actually does assist. Give your toilet a each day wipe down with antiseptic (or candy smelling cleaner).

We hold ours in a useful spritz bottle and use after a bathe to wash the realm. We then wipe down the bathroom (should you use disposable wipes, do NOT throw them into your bathroom after use- put them in with the opposite garbage.) 

The opposite factor which might odor in an RV toilet are the drains. An excellent product to make use of down the drains for the waste tank is Zoflora. Poor it neat down the bathe drain when you will have water in your tank and this can assist hold the dreaded waste tank smells at bay. My good friend’s favorite odor is the Linen Recent!

We now have a walk-in toilet/ bathe unit, so the drain in our motorhome works onerous to eliminate EVERYTHING. Attempt to keep away from placing ‘bits’ down your drains (each in loos and kitchens) and clear the drains repeatedly.

A cup of baking soda combined with water helps hold drains clear and odor free. Learn extra on how to clean your motorhome water tank.

Hair catcher

In case you have (or are!) ladies with LONG hair, you have to filter the drain repeatedly. All that hair will get washed down the drain and collects different bits… which smells disgusting.

In case you have this hassle, these are amazing for catching hair!! Significantly- so good. Simply make certain they suit your camper drain. 

USE ENOUGH LIQUID to eliminate holding tank odours

That is counter-intuitive, I do know. ESPECIALLY in case your RV bathroom makes use of your contemporary consuming water for flushing. However you NEED sufficient water in your bathroom to cease smells- ‘dry’ camper bathrooms odor MUCH worse.

I might go into an extended and technical description about methane gasoline launch from dried out waste yada yada… however frankly, no person must learn that, so simply belief me that wetter is healthier. Sure, you may snigger. I doubt many children are studying this! 😉 

After all, don’t use TOO a lot water- you’ll replenish your RV waste tank a lot faster. It’s a fragile stability. 

EMPTY the waste repeatedly

One of the best ways to cease camper waste smelling like a sewer is to… empty the sewer! The extra typically you empty, the much less it would odor. This additionally comes again to eliminating the stuff letting off the gases. Now, I do know this is likely one of the greatest cons of RV life, nevertheless it’s a small value to pay for the liberty we love a lot!

If you happen to use a transportable bathroom cassette in your motorhome, all the time make certain to clean it out correctly EVERY TIME (utilizing the faucet offered on the emptying station). We fill with water and empty no less than a few instances to verify every thing is out.

If you happen to can’t empty your RV waste like that, this sewer tank rinser fixes onto your waste outlet and lets you actually get the tank clear. 


We by no means ever put our bathroom paper down the motorhome bathroom. We use a bin within the toilet which is for this function, and that bin will get emptied as typically as we will, normally as soon as a day.

We’ve lived on boats for 15+ years and that is completely regular for us, however I do know that many individuals discover this ‘a bit bizarre’.

Nonetheless, should you don’t put your paper down the bathroom you reduce the danger of blockages in your waste tank attributable to wadded, moist paper. Many individuals use far an excessive amount of paper- we’ve needed to study to lower the quantity we use.

One other benefit to not placing bathroom paper within the cassette or black water tank is that the bathroom doesn’t get full so typically= extra time for wild camping/ boondocking!

If that is too gross for you, use additional water each time you employ your camper toilet- it helps soften the paper. Additionally, use the most cost effective bathroom paper you may find- NOT the ‘permitted RV or motorhome paper’. Significantly, grocery store personal model stuff will dissolve rather well!! However again- extra water and ‘stuff’ in the bathroom will trigger it to replenish quicker!

Stop camper and RV toilet smells!
Cease camper and RV bathroom smells!

Intelligent tips to eliminate RV bathroom smells

It is a nice trick to maintain your RV toilet smelling good all day lengthy. Cover loos scents or sachets someplace out of the way in which, and they’ll launch a scrumptious odor all day lengthy.

Watch out you probably have pets- make certain any sachets are out of vary as many aren’t appropriate for pets.

In case your RV bathroom smells when flushed, strive placing slightly scent or important oil within the water flush. (NOTE- do NOT do that in case your bathroom makes use of your contemporary water!!!!)

Match a vent or SOG unit

Many RVs have already got vents inbuilt (typically it’s a crack in these pipes which causes your RV toilet to odor like a sewer (or rotten eggs; pretty!)

Nonetheless, many campers and motorhomes don’t have any vent in any respect of their tiny loos, so it could actually actually assist to put in one. 

A SOG unit is a vent which runs at any time when the bathroom flap is open. This helps launch the gases which construct up inside the bathroom holding tank, sending them out via the vent as a substitute and preserving your camper odor free. 

We put in a SOG in our final motorhome and it was actually helpful. Listed below are a few suggestions for becoming it:

  • Be sure that the vent for the SOG isn’t wherever close to the door to your motorhome. In any other case, all these smells which have come out of the holding tank go straight again into your dwelling space…!!
  • In case your bathroom is close to the door, think about venting bathroom odors up and out on the roof.
  • Be sure to shut the flap SECURELY after utilizing the toilet- or the SOG retains working, and working. 

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Can you employ the lavatory in an RV whereas driving?

I’d actually advocate NOT utilizing the lavatory in your camper whereas driving. Not solely is it in opposition to the legislation (seatbelts!!), however are you able to IMAGINE what would occur if there must be an accident?!?!


Spare 5 minutes and pull right into a service space earlier than you employ the lavatory (or get snacks and so on!)

What are your favorite tips to maintain your RV toilet smelling superb and free of bathroom odors? Share your suggestions under so we will all profit.

Need extra RV dwelling suggestions?

This was a query from one in every of our pretty US readers, (hi there!) so I’ve chosen to make use of US spellings. Regardless that writing odor with out a ‘u’ has made my spell examine go psychological. You’re welcome! 😉 

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